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The Risks Of Obesity

February 28, 2014 by health, obesity, specific health No Comments

For many Americans,childhood obesity taking an honest look at their weight and the health risks it brings gets harder everyday. Everyday I see people convince themselves that overweight is healthy or that their weight is average because its near the median or that their weight isn’t causing health problems.

A Look At The Diagnoses

High blood pressure will place additional stress on the heart with every pump, not to mention the wear on the kidneys. With high blood pressure you get exactly what you’d guess: blood pressing harder than is considered healthy on the inner walls of someone’s arteries and veins. Propelling blood throughout the body, the heart already has a stressful job.

Type 2 diabetes is a blood sugar disorder in which blood sugar levels are abnormally high, causing major stress to the body’s organs. Back in ’09 type 2 diabetes was a major cause of death in USA, and yes heredity may affect your chances for diabetes, but reducing your weight has a stronger chance of preventing it.

Of people with type two diabetes, about 80% are overweight. Doctors aren’t 100% agreed upon why overweight people are more likely to have this disorder, but are agreed that lowering your weight reduces your chances of developing it. For those already diagnosed as diabetic, better diet and exercise can completely eliminate any medicine or treatments you have, essentially curing you entirely.

Heart disease is an umbrella term for a few major conditions including heart attacks, stroke, sudden cardiac death, or agina. In the end, some heart disease is what faces you if you’re obese and not committed to losing weight. Both high blood pressure and diabetes lead to some form of heart disease, whether your stroking out or suffering from abnormal heart beat.

It Just Gets Worse

Having high blood pressure doesn’t mean your obese or vise versa, however obesity greatly increases your chances of having a higher blood pressure. Fat cells often place additional stress on the kidneys, which regulate the amount of blood in the body. Without weight loss a patient will need constant medicating, however even just a little weight reduction can reduce the amount of treatment required.

This is the leading cause of death in America, and its a direct result of our country’s weight problem. Losing weight means directly affecting your chances of heart diseases. In some cases reducing body weight by 5% can have a big impact. When you lose weight you’ll lower your blood pressure and general stress on your organ systems, which are both directly linked to heart vitality.

The struggle is real, take action now to reduce fat acceptance and take back your nation’s health. These are only a few of the terrors that await the obese in America and around the world.

The truth is that obese and overweight bodies are unattractive, unhealthy, and at risk for some seriously crippling health conditions that no one should have to suffer through. Below are just a few of the biggest health concerns that our overweight population faces. All of these disorders are 100% reversible and controllable with weight loss.

Plastic Surgery Experience

February 23, 2014 by beauty, healing, specific health No Comments

For anyone wonderingplastic surgeons at my new appearance, I recently underwent a procedure to reshape my cheekbones and found my cosmetic surgeon through a free web service that took out the anxiety of doctor hunting that my friend described when he went under the knife. This may not seem like a big deal but having the right surgeon for the job means everything and really made me feel secure with my choice to go through with the surgery.

The surgery itself wasn’t bad, and I’ll get to that, but what really irked me was the period leading up to meeting my doctor for the first time. Its amazing how many articles and information sources are out there on the internet related to plastic surgery. I read just about all of them and had worked myself into an anxious frenzy before finally meeting with my doctor.

Surgery Consultation

After getting into contact with my doctor over the phone I think my stress about the whole thing reached its peak. I would have loved at that moment to see the final results and just fast forward to getting them if I liked what I saw. We all know its not that easy however so the few days leading up to my consultation were kept up late reading article after article and checking every before and after picture over and over again.

Probably not the healthiest behavior but I was a bit caught up in the moment of things. I had engaged in this sort of activity before but that time was by far the worst. The minute I met the doctor for our first consultation everything seemed to evaporate. All my anxiety subsided and I was aware of just how much experience this guy had at cutting up people’s faces and getting them the look of their dreams. I was an interesting feeling.

Cosmetic Procedure and Recovery

There’s honestly not muchplastic surgery to going into surgery if you’ve managed to control the emotional side of it. From a physical standpoint its just walking in to the prep room, getting naked to dawn the surgical gown, getting shaved, then walking into the surgery room where you’ll lay down and wait a few seconds until the doctor walks in.

From there you get gassed (NO2… so many good memories), and shortly thereafter fall asleep under the influence of anesthetic. We had verbally rehearsed all of this during the consultation so there were no surprises and it all felt very natural.

My recovery was speedy and complication free. I was so happy when the final bandages came off, it was exactly what I was after and I encourage anyone seeking plastic surgery procedures to learn as much as possible (but not to the point of anxiety) and go through with what they’re comfortable with. Its extremely rewarding and not at all too stressful if you find the right practitioner for the job. Again I can’t recommend a local surgeon directory service enough.

Jump start Your Health Now

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With all the fad dietshealthy habits and countless new health problems blared at us everyday it can be difficult to stay focused on a core regiment for good health. There’s endless inputs keeping you distracted from simple solutions to being much healthier, even taking a drive down the road you’ll see billboards plastered with shotgun responses to small problems. Don’t worry about new diet plans and flashy health media campaigned products, stick to the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and develop it according to whats best for you.

The First Steps Are the Hardest

The most obvious and immediate points for cardio are an improved heart and lung. Much like every other muscle they require stress and elevated performances to stay healthy. There’s absolutely no product or diet that will improve your metabolism more drastically than a few simple cardio exercises each day. Our last healthy habit probably presents the greatest challenge to most people: cardio! I imagine nearly everyone knows that cardio is massively beneficial to almost every aspect of their health, but its rare to see people committed to it. Yet even another benefit to cardio is a decrease in soreness periods after especially strenuous physical activities or work outs.

Don’t Listen to Naysayers, Snack Away!

Another habit that often gets muddled with false information is the practice of snacking. Many people often feel guilty eating a snack between meals, but the opposite should be true according to nearly every study featuring snacks. Snacks are especially awesome for people looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. The reason snacking generally gets labeled as a bad habit is the food most people choose to snack on. By snacking on plants and reasonable grains you’ll be improving your metabolic systems, increasing your focus, and even giving your sour puss mood a boost.

70% Water

Often one of the mostHealthy habits neglected habits to staying healthy is drinking enough water for basic bodily functionality and wellness. This is crazy! Its common knowledge that we’re mostly comprised of water! Its often neglected because of the countless alternatives to water, none of which are near the equivalent or even close. Don’t let the countless sport drinks and flavored water waver your attention, and don’t forget you’re mostly water. More daily activity calls for more water, in fact if you’re "average" you should be drinking 2 liters of the stuff every day, and you’ll feel much better if you do. Water keeps your metabolism smooth, your energy levels up and your thoughts clear, not to mention all the other systems in your body that need water.

By falling into the healthy habits above you’ll get a strong introduction to what lifestyle changes can do for your mood, energy levels, and focus. Everyone’s body is different and may require specific exercises and diets, but the three healthy habits we’ve listed are apart of nearly everyone’s health agenda no matter your shape.